As you may have noticed, my website has been invaded by penguins. Why? There’s an answer in this video (it’s in Italian, sorry):

One of my hobbies is to draw penguins. Stuff such as t-shirts, cups, etc., with my drawings can be purchased on my SpreadShop.

Scientific classification of penguins, drawn by me


I’ve drawn a deck of French-suited playng cards (the ones you use to play Poker, Bridge, Scala 40, Machiavelli, …). You can purchase it here. Here’s a preview:

I’ve also drawn a deck of Germini cards (also known as Minchiate fiorentine), a variant of the Tarot cards with a suit of 40 trump cards, that originated in Florence during the XVI century. You can find more information on this website (in Italian).

My Germini deck can be purchased here.

If you prefer a simple 40-card Italian-suited deck (e.g. if you want to play Briscola), you can find it here. This is actually a smaller version of the Germini deck.