I’m a logician. My main interests are Proof Theory, Algebraic Logic and the Philosophy of Mathematics, especially Constructive Reasoning.

I’m currently affiliated with the Universities of Trento, Helsinki and Verona.

  • I’m a member of the following
    • Associations related to Logic:
    • Associations related to Mathematics:
      • UMI (“Unione Matematica Italiana”)
      • EMS (“European Mathematical Society”)
    • Research groups:
      • AI&ML&MAT (Gruppo UMI “Matematica per l’Intelligenza Artificiale e il Machine Learning“)
      • GNSAGA (“Gruppo Nazionale per le Strutture Algebriche, Geometriche e le loro Applicazioni”)

Disclaimer: This website is not meant to be comprehensive of all my studies, let alone my full Curriculum Vitae.

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A 3D model of a 3-atomic Boolean Algebra getting quotiented into a 2-atomic Boolean Algebra getting quotiented into a degenerate Boolean Algebra (0=1).