The following is a list of talks I have given. Some of them were part of examinations during my University studies (from BSc to PhD).

– Modal Logic for Induction (Cagliari, June 4)
Modal Logic for Induction (Verona, May 14)
– Modal Induction for Elementary Proofs (Helsinki, February 21)


– Constructive Reasoning in Mathematics (Pisa, October 7)
– The Jacobson Radical of a Propositional Theory (Padova, June 25)
– NID and Fullness (Verona, May 31)


Flat modules and the Tor-functors: Part II (Verona, November 20)
Flat modules and the Tor-functors: Part I (Verona, November 6)
– A brief introduction to higher inductive types (Trento, June 6)
The regular components of the Auslander-Reiten quiver (Verona, January 16)


– Costruzioni con riga e compasso (Verona, May 29)
The minimal injective resolution of a commutative Noetherian ring (Verona, May 25)


– The Fundamental Theorem of Concept Lattices (Verona, July 7)
– Ultrafilters: A Proof of Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem (Verona, May 30)
– Introduction to elliptic curves and first properties (Verona, May 6)


– A brief introduction to Tarski’s system of geometry (Verona, December 22)